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Ultrapower winning ICBC mobile instant messaging platform project

Recently, Beijing Ultrapower software Limited  and Industrial Commercial Bank of China Ltd agreement on mobile instant messaging platform products.

Ultrapower will provide a complete set of instant messaging service platform to industrial and Commercial Bank of China , and provide maintenance and upgrading training after sale service.The product will provide the user, group, public platform, circle of friends and other text, voice, images, video, documents and multimedia message transmission, play, download, storage, forwarding and other basic functions, at the same time providing the customer registration management, friends management, session management, group management, customer information and permission settings the function of client and instant messaging communications, the session management server component, product function.The product provides the public service platform, access to the public platform support, maintenance interface and includes but not limited to the attention of users search, recovery, collection, push messages and other basic functions.

This is the project which is Ultrapower  signed the first business enterprise contract for  the enterprise to provide the integration of communication technology in domestic.The large financial institutions including banks as well as the provision of public services for large enterprises and service organizations.Face to the customer communication platform, construction of converged communication services of the demand is very strong,.And it is a highly security requirement.The application of the company to expand cooperation in the financial institutions and other large organizations will play an exemplary role.

In the future, the company will continue to increase technology innovation integration communication field, enhance the leading edge technology products, and strengthen the enterprise converged communication platform of marketing efforts, also providing more oriented to small and medium enterprise converged communication market of software products.