Bridge Minds introduction

Bridge Minds Consulting Pte Ltd

Bridge Minds Consulting Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Bridge Minds consulting), a subsidiary owned by Ultrapower, is the core base for the promotion and operation of Ultrapower overseas project. By utilizing its existing channels and clients as well as strength and experience in product research and development, Bridge Minds Consulting quickly brings Ultrapower technology and solutions to the oversea market.

Bridge Minds Consulting currently has various product solutions including IM, voice and video, public platform and timeline which can be integrated flexibly according to the requirement from industries including telecommunication, bank, insurance, etc. In respect of operation, Bridge Minds Consulting has already been conducting in-depth cooperation with Reliance Group in India on converged communication. And the joint operation with Reliance has laid a solid foundation for the internationalization of our business.

As the core carrier for Ultrapower oversea business, Bridge Minds Consulting will focus on the developing of oversea market. On the other hand, Ultrapower will make full use of its rich practical experience and competitive advantage in Internet development and operation to further strengthen communication and cooperation with oversea clients, to expand oversea converged communication service and continuously improve and enhance our competitiveness.